UV Max Water Bottle Filling Station

Sanitary automatic touch-free dispense

The UV Bottle Filling Station is the ideal way to reduce your business’s impact on the environment. Provide a hygienic, and environmentally friendly solution for users to stay hydrated, installed and serviced by experts.

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Improve your sustainability impact

Dispensing up to 80 litres of chilled or ambient water per hour, this Bottle Filling Station is a great choice for improving your environmental-footprint of your business and environment.

Encourage visitors and users to save money and plastic waste by refilling their reusable bottles in this water station, rather than opting for single-use plastic water bottles from a store.

High-capacity, reliable machine

This Bottle Filling unit is built within a stainless steel custom-branded casing to ensure this appliance is kept in top form and easily maintained in any environment.

With this strong build quality, this Bottle Filling Station is perfect for very busy environments such as train stations, airports, shopping centres, large gyms, and other high-footfall areas where a sturdy, long-lasting build is essential.


Water options
Dimensions (W x D x H)
610 x 309 x 1696
Water tempreture
Litres per hour
80L per hour
Power consumption
Waste options
McAlpine 32mm Drain / Waste Water Pump
Bespoke branding available

Drinking water fountains service & maintenance

With Culligan, you can trust our team of experts to take care of your drinking fountain; from installation to ongoing service.


Having your drinking fountain installed is painless. Our knowledgeable Culligan technicians will come to you and set up your fountain at your convenience, making the entire process fast and effortless.


Keeping your fountain in optimal condition is critical, which is why our Culligan experts will create a tailored maintenance plan just for you, to make sure your drinking fountain continues to provide you and your staff with hydration with no interruptions.

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Call-outs & support

If you experience any issues with your fountain, all you have to do is contact our team of friendly customer service representatives. If the issue is more complex and requires a technician, we’ll dispatch someone to your location to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Key features at a glance

  • Chilled or Ambient water
  • Vandal-proof, durable stainless steel design
  • Sanitary automatic touch-free dispense
  • Bespoke branding available*
  • Silver ion antimicrobial protection
  • Digital ‘bottles saved from landfill’ counter
  • UV Sterilisation reducing 99.99% of bacteria within the water

* Subject to minimum order quantity

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