WMS5 SureFlow Wall Mounted Boiler

The Instanta Wall-mounted Hot Water Boiler provides a space-saving solution for hot boiling water on demand, excellent for brewing tea, coffee, and various other hot drinks. Well-suited for offices, shops, factories, hospitals, school staff rooms and similarly busy settings.

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The energy-efficient choice

The Instanta WMS5 Boiler provides a constant supply of boiling water on demand. Eliminate the time staff spends waiting for a kettle to boil with an Eco Boiler which has a 5 litre capacity.

These units are permanently plumbed in and as water is dispensed the unit refills, allowing you to draw off multiple cups of boiling water at any one time, making them ideal for busy workplaces.

Robust and reliable boiler

The stylish and compact unit features a stainless steel casing which is easy to clean and maintain in professional catering environments. the sleek, mirrored design also makes it an ideal solution for front-of-house catering services.

The robust non-drip taps allow for speed and convenience during periods of high usage, as well as ensuring the safety of users.

Culligan employee approaching office to install hot water boiler

Installation requirements

To ensure that the unit can be installed quickly and smoothly in your proposed location, each unit will require a 13A (240V AC) fused spur which should not be more than one meter from the machine.

Each plumbed water machine needs to be supplied with water from a rising main. The pipework should ideally be no more than one meter from the machine, although our in-house service team can install machines in the majority of locations.


Water options
Boiling water only
Dimensions (H x W x D)
432mm x 290cm x 205mm
Dispense option
Lever tap
Stainless steel
Pipework must be terminated with a 15mm BS1010

Installation & maintenance​

When you choose your water supply from Culligan, you are guaranteed total care from our team of hydration experts. We will be able to help you get set up with installation, and help you with keeping your unit up and running at optimal performance.

Expert installation

You’ll soon be savouring delicious water at your convenience with minimal effort. Our proficient service technicians will handle the entire installation process for your new water system according to your preferred schedule.


We include sanitation and filter replacements in every service to guarantee that your product operates smoothly without any compromise. Our preventive maintenance ensures hassle-free operation, giving you complete peace of mind.


Our services are available locally across the nation. In the rare event of a problem, our team is always prepared to provide assistance. Our affable customer service team will promptly dispatch our skilled technicians to resolve any issues you may encounter.

Key features at a glance

  • Mirror finish, stainless steel case
  • Connects to main water supply
  • Introductory diagnostic system
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Ideal for busy kitchens and breakout areas

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