BluSoda Countertop Water Dispenser

The countertop BluSoda is a compact but powerful water dispenser built entirely from easy to clean stainless steel materials. Perfect for the home or office; this professional water cooler performs exceptionally well in busy environments and comes in a variety of models that supply different water options; chilled, ambient, hot, and even sparkling (Fizz model).

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Compact but powerful dispenser for filtered water on demand

Choosing the BluSoda water dispenser is a sensible choice for businesses (or homes) that want an easy-to-use, compact, and practical way to have access to clean, filtered drinking water all day long. No longer will you have to transport and store bulky, expensive bottled water in your fridges; have convenient access to water instantly.

This machine is available with an impressive 30 litre or 45 litre capacity; ensuring you can keep even busy environments hydrated with ease.

Versatile machine built to withstand workplace & home environments

Due to the high-quality build and innovative system, the BluSoda countertop water dispenser performs well and fits seamlessly into any office, canteen, kitchen or meeting room.

The multiple water option models available for this machine make it incredibly versatile for most requirements and business needs; whether you’d like to enjoy refreshing chilled water on a hot summer day, a warm beverage after that chilly morning commute, or even just fancy something a little fancier with our Fizz models’ sparkling water option.

We also have a touch-free model available for added hygiene.

Eliminate single-use plastic bottles

When you introduce a water dispenser into your workplace or home, you can help improve the sustainability impact of your business, as staff and visitors will be encouraged to drink from reusable bottles and glasses instead of purchasing expensive, bulky single-use plastic water bottles.

So not only do you have peace of mind that users are keeping healthy and hydrated, but you also have a positive impact on the environment by reducing plastic pollution; a sensible choice for the future ahead.


Water options
Chilled & Ambient, or
Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling
Dimensions (W x D x H)
30L: 261 x 499 x 418 mm,
45L: 318 x 499 x 470 mm
30L or 45L
30L: 25kg, 30L Fizz: 28kg,
45L: 28kg, 45L Fizz: 31kg
Water temperature
Chilled: 5-12°C
Dispense height
30L: 276mm,
45L: 329mm
Power supply
230 Volts, 50 Hertz
Stainless steel

Water dispenser service & maintenance

If you decide to rent a water cooler from us, you can enjoy the added benefits of our inclusive installation and ongoing maintenance plans. Our team of expertly trained engineers covers all of Ireland and is available to assist you whenever you require their assistance.

Expert installation

Before you know it you will be enjoying great-tasting water at your fingertips. Our expert service technicians do all the hard work for you, installing your new water system at a date and time to suit you.


Each service includes sanitation and filter replacements ensuring your product is running smoothly without compromise. Our preventative maintenance ensures a trouble-free operation for total peace of mind.

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Call-out support

We provide local service on a national scale. In the unlikely event of a problem, our team are ready to help. Our friendly customer service team will send our expert technicians to repair your issue as quickly as possible.

Key features at a glance

  • Available in Chilled & Ambient, or Chilled, Ambient and Sparkling (Fizz) models
  • 30 litre or 45 litre capacity options available
  • Touch-free version also available
  • Perfect for small-medium offices and homes
  • Large dispense area allow reusable bottles to easily fit
  • Stainless steel finish looks smart and is easy to clean

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