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Eradicate limescale from your life forever and savour the enduring comfort of a limescale-free home.

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Explore Culligan products designed to eradicate limescale efficiently, improving the quality of the water in your home.

Culligan Arc Water Softener
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Why choose a Water Softener?

With the Culligan water softener, your bathroom fixtures and taps will remain free of limescale deposits, and your washing machines and dishwashers will enjoy an extended lifespan.

Looking after your home’s water also looks after your skin.

Experience the bliss of smooth and velvety skin, and enjoy shinier, more manageable hair. Culligan water softeners are installed upstream of your home’s water system, effectively removing limescale from the entire house, even the heating system.

Embrace Culligan solutions to reduce water hardness throughout your home, following the lead of numerous families who have already made the switch.

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Discover the advantages of using Culligan water softeners

Our home tap water is mineral-rich, containing calcium and magnesium, which results in hardness. Culligan softening systems can transform this water into softened water suitable for all household purposes.

The primary culprit behind household appliance issues is hard water. Excessive limestone content leads to encrustations, particularly inside washing machines and dishwashers.

This causes issues with the machinery to work correctly, or even lead to them to breaking down completely.

It also affects boilers, taps, as well as linen and leather items. The formation of blockages in household appliances and pipes hampers efficiency, reducing the performance of boilers and tanks. Consequently, domestic water heating consumption and costs can increase by approximately 15-20%.

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With the implementation of a softening system, you can enjoy limescale-free water that safeguards and prolongs the lifespan of domestic appliances.

This efficient system also reduces water consumption, leading to significant savings on household bills.


Embrace the change as fabric softeners, anti-limescale products, dishwasher salt, and rinse aid become unnecessary.

Similar to conditioners, masks, and moisturising creams, you’ll use much smaller quantities, ensuring a limescale-free home and enhanced well-being!


Water softener service & maintenance

Our rental plans include installation and ongoing maintenance of your water softening unit. Our team of expert engineers are fully trained with our products, and our service covers the whole of Ireland.

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Our highly-trained technicians possess the expertise to flawlessly install any of our water systems. They are dedicated to providing friendly and efficient service, and will happily arrange installations to suit your schedule.



With our water softener services, we conduct meticulous sanitation to ensure your product operates smoothly and without any compromise. Our proactive maintenance approach guarantees trouble-free operation, providing you with complete peace of mind.

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If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, and we’ll promptly address them by either fixing or replacing your machine. Our fully managed service ensures your home or business remains hydrated, offering you complete peace of mind.

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