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Thousands of workplaces in Ireland are already enjoying unrivalled water purity and hassle-free service from Culligan – your trusted workplace water dispenser provider.

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Pure, filtered water
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Contactless options
Reduce single-use plastic waste

Why choose Culligan for hydration in the workplace?

Provide your employees with the purest, safest, and best-tasting water with a Culligan water dispenser solution.

Reduce your single-use plastic waste

15 billion – that’s how many single-use plastic bottles Culligan have saved from going into landfill or our oceans.

Better for you, better for the planet. Culligan offers a range of bottle-free water dispensers to allow your staff to hydrate whilst being kinder to the environment.


Water quality & hygiene

With Culligan you can have both. Benefit from Firewall®, the world’s most highly certified water purification technology, to keep your workforce safely hydrated.

Coupled with BioCote® antimicrobial protection† on the outside, contactless solutions, easy-to-buy practical accessories, and our comprehensive care solutions, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to guarantee total peace of mind in the workplace.

†BioCote® has not been tested or proven effective against SARS-CoV-2.


Contactless operation to reduce the spread of germs

Users stay safe while they stay hydrated using our contactless options.

Keep a safe distance and reduce the spread of germs with completely touch-free dispensing using intuitive infrared modules or clearly colour-coded foot pedals. Available with cold, ambient, hot, and sparkling options.

If you already own a Culligan dispenser we can also retro-fit our contactless solutions If you’d like to talk to an expert about your options, contact us to upgrade to touch-free operation.

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Certified workplace water solutions​

With over 20 internationally recognised certifications on our product range, you know you’re in safe hands with Culligan.​

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Our range of office water dispensers

Dispensers to suit your budget, your space, and your hydration needs. From chilled to sparkling, and freestanding to countertop; we’ve got you covered.

WL2 Firewall Mains-fed Water Cooler thumbnail image
C2 Firewall® Mains-fed Water Cooler
Green tick icon Serves up to 30 users
Green tick icon Biocote antimicrobial protection
Green tick icon Freestanding & countertop models
WL7 Firewall free standing and counter top product thumbnail image
C7 Firewall® Mains-fed Water Cooler
Green tick icon Serves up to 50 users
Green tick icon Hands-free operation available
Green tick icon Freestanding & countertop models
WL100 product thumbnail image
C100 Mains-Fed Water Cooler
Green tick icon Serves up to 20 users
Green tick icon Foot pedal dispenser available
Green tick icon Hot & cold water options
Zip HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave
HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave
Green tick icon Touch-free operation​
Green tick icon 100% safety & hygiene
Green tick icon Eco-friendly
Zip HydroTap G5 Classic Plus Boiling & Chilled
HydroTap G5 Classic Plus Boiling & Chilled
Green tick icon Boiling and chilled water​
Green tick icon Up to 240 cups boiling water per hour​
Green tick icon Up to 175 glasses chilled water per hour​
Culligan Hot Water Boiling Counter Top Model thumbnail image
Countertop Instant Hot Water Boiler
Green tick icon Serves up to 40 users
Green tick icon Boiling water only
Green tick icon Energy efficient water boiler
Culligan Wall-Mounted Hot Water Boiler thumbnail
Wall-mounted Eco Hot Water Boiler
Green tick icon Serves up to 40 users
Green tick icon Connects to main water supply
Green tick icon Perfect for busy environments
Freestanding bottled water cooler thumbnail
Cool & Cold Bottled Water Cooler
Green tick icon Budget-friendly option
Green tick icon Durable and robust
Green tick icon Modern, stylish design
C8 Firewall®
Green tick icon Both Freestanding & Countertop
Green tick icon High-capacity Water Dispenser
Green tick icon Up to Five Water Options

Water dispensers for your office

Provide your employees with the purest, safest, and best tasting water.

A service you can trust

We build long-term relationships with all our customers. To keep your product performing at its best our service provides peace of mind with hassle-free installation and regular servicing and maintenance from our fully qualified technicians.

Mechanics keys

Easy installation

Let us do the hard work for you. Our fully qualified technicians install your water dispenser where and when you need it following the strictest safety measures.


Regular servicing

We visit regularly to sanitise your dispenser and replace filters to ensure trouble-free operation, hygiene, and the highest quality water.

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Customer care

There’s no need to worry. Our responsive call-out service will fix your dispenser should anything go wrong.

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