Benefits of Hydration: Still and Sparkling Water Explored

July 28, 2023

Water is renowned for its countless health benefits. From boosting energy and enhancing mental well-being to aiding weight loss, detoxifying the body, improving skin complexion, and fortifying the immune system, it plays a vital role in our overall health. While some may question the merits and wonder if sparkling water hydrates you, believing that the introduction of carbon dioxide diminishes its health value, the truth is that it retains its beneficial properties even with a touch of fizz.

The Science Behind Sparkling Water

Sparkling water obtains its effervescence by infusing regular, still water with pressurised carbon dioxide gas. Some have raised concerns about its health effects, likening it to sugary carbonated beverages with artificial sweeteners, but fear not! Our water experts are here to debunk any myths and misconceptions you might have encountered.

Is Sparkling Water Bad for You

You may be wondering whether sparkling water is good for you and whether there are any benefits of sparkling water, we’re here to tell you more.

  1. Bone Health: It’s a common belief that carbonated water, like sweetened fizzy drinks, can leach calcium from bones, potentially causing low bone mineral density. However, research has refuted this claim, as the slight acidity of sparkling water does not lead to calcium depletion from bones.
  2. Tooth Decay: Unlike sugary soft drinks, sparkling water does not contain added sugars, acids, or salts that contribute to enamel erosion and tooth decay. So it is safe for your teeth. However, beware of flavoured water with high sugar content and additional acids that can corrode your teeth. Opt for natural flavourings like fresh fruits, mint, or cucumber instead, which is a great alternative to soda.
  3. Bloating: The effervescence of sparkling water can cause natural burping, which is a healthier alternative to using medical antacids. Although it doesn’t cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), those with sensitive stomachs, like IBS sufferers, might experience bloating. In such cases, it’s best to avoid it.

Sparkling Water Benefits

  1. Weight Loss Aid: Studies have shown that the bubbles can create a feeling of fullness in the stomach, leading to reduced hunger and lower calorie intake compared to regular water. Additionally, the pleasant taste of sparkling water encourages increased consumption, aiding in weight management.
  2. Hydration: Both types of water provide the same amount of hydration, so it is safe to switch out your still tap water with sparkling and remain hydrated.
  3. Digestion Support: Research suggests that carbonated water can assist with digestion and relieve constipation, promoting a healthier gastrointestinal system.
  4. Healthy Beverage Alternative: Sparkling water can help transition away from sugary soft drinks, offering a refreshing and healthier substitute for those looking to reduce their sugar intake.

Still or Sparkling: The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, the decision between still and sparkling water depends on individual preferences and needs. For individuals with sensitive stomachs, sticking to still water might be the best option. However, if you enjoy the fizziness of sparkling water, make sure you’re not drinking sparkling water with sugary additives.

Man using zip HydroTap to fill glass with sparkling water

Sparkling water tap

We believe that both still and sparkling water have their merits. Consider one of our state-of-the-art Zip HydroTaps, which provides instant boiling, chilled, and sparkling water at the touch of a button. Whether at home or in the workplace, this modern hydration solution is a game-changer.

If you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to reach out to us today. Stay hydrated, stay healthy!