Better water for homes

With our wide range of products and services, including water dispensers, water filtration systems, and water softeners, we are committed to improving the quality of household water, making it safe, clean, and great-tasting.

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Residential water solutions

From delivering pure drinking water to tackling hard water issues and providing eco-friendly filtration systems, Culligan covers all residential water needs.

Water dispensers

Culligan water cooler dispensers are designed to provide homes with convenient access to high-quality, refreshing drinking water. Our stylish dispensers cater to every preference, offering options for hot, cold, room temperature, and even sparkling water.

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Water filtration systems

Our range of home water filtration systems improve the quality of water straight from the tap. By effectively removing unwanted impurities that can alter the taste, odour, and overall quality of water used for drinking and cooking, we ensure households enjoy a superior water experience.

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Water softeners

Culligan water softeners extend the lifespan of plumbing and appliances by preventing limescale. Softened water also means smoother skin and silkier hair. Plus, by reducing scale in home water heaters, they improve its efficiency and help cut down on energy costs.

Our range of solutions for residential needs

From pure drinking water to improved water softening and filtration,
we have the perfect solutions for all residential requirements.

Culligan Arc Water Softener
  • Twin-tank for unlimited soft water
  • ​ Compact unit, fits under kitchen sinks​
  • Track salt use and reorder on Smart app​
  • Helps cut your energy costs by up to 30%​
AC Slim +
  • Removes impurities, turbidity, and chlorine
  • Space-saving, under-sink design
  • Tested and certified to highest standards
So Clear
  • Ultrafiltration technology
  • Removes sediments, chlorine, odour and bacteria
  • Non electric. No storage tank required
C2 Firewall® Countertop Mains-Fed Water Dispenser
  • Hot/cold or cold/ambient options for small to medium workplaces
  • Sleek, durable countertop design
  • Guarantees purified, great-tasting water
C100 Countertop Mains-Fed Water Dispenser
  • User-friendly and sustainable purified water
  • Continuous antimicrobial protection
  • High performance carbon filtration
CB Core Bottled Water Cooler
  • Durable scratch-resistant surface
  • For all standard cooler bottles​
Zip HydroTap G5 Arc All-In-One
  • Filtered boiling and chilled water
  • Additional unfiltered hot and cold water
  • WRAS Approved product
  • Suitable for 1-100 users
Zip HydroTap G5 Celsius Arc 3-in-1
  • Filtered boiling water for drinks, tap water for washing
  • Energy-efficient and safe
  • WRAS Approved product
  • Suitable for 1-100 users
Culligan Milano Swan 3-in-1
  • Safety lock for boiling water
  • Available in a range of finishes
  • WRAS Approved product
Culligan Rosemount Square 3-In-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap
  • Stylish, modern, and affordable
  • Instant 98°C filtered boiling water
  • Intuitive, simple control panel
Pure drinking water

Easy access to pure water, promoting hydration and supporting family well-being.

Enhanced soft water

Smoother skin, silkier hair, and prolonged appliance life for homes.

Hassle-free service

Professional installation, maintenance, and aftercare available.

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    Why choose Culligan for your
    residential water needs?



    At Culligan, we pride ourselves on having a dedicated team of water experts who are passionate about addressing the unique water concerns for households.

    You can count on our team to thoroughly analyse the specific water conditions in homes, whether it’s hard water issues, impurities affecting taste and odour, or any other water-related challenges in the residential sector.

    We understand that water problems can vary greatly from one region to another, and even from one household to the next. That’s why our experts take a personalised approach to find the perfect solutions tailored to your needs.

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    Quality assurance

    We employ innovative water technologies to uphold the highest quality standards for our drinking water and water softening products. This commitment ensures that our products are not only effective but also environmentally friendly.

    Each solution undergoes rigorous testing to ensure performance, reliability, and safety. We stand behind every product we offer, confident that it will provide you with the best water quality experience for years to come.

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    Safe and purified water

    Culligan’s patented water dispenser technology ensures pure and protected water. Firewall® UVC achieves up to 99.9999% pathogen-free water for your household. With Firewall® UVC, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family’s drinking water is safeguarded against harmful pathogens, providing the utmost in water safety.

    We also deliver great-tasting water through our carbon filtration technology. We understand that impurities can affect the taste and odour of water. Therefore, our home water filtration systems are designed to guarantee clear and great-tasting water by removing a wide range of impurities, enhancing the overall water experience for households.

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    A greener approach to water solutions

    Culligan’s commitment to sustainability goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to providing high-quality water solutions for homes and businesses. We understand the importance of minimising our environmental footprint, and it’s a commitment that drives us every day.

    Not only do we strive to reduce our own environmental impact, but we also empower our customers to make eco-friendly choices.

    Our range of sustainable options allows customers to minimise plastic waste by reducing the need for bottled water. Moreover, our water filtration and softening systems are designed to be energy-efficient, contributing to a greener planet while potentially lowering household energy bills.

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    Rent or Buy? The choice is yours.

    We offer flexible purchase options to suit you​


    • Hassle-free installation by experts
    • Fixed monthly costs and flexible contracts
    • Regular maintenance for reliable performance
    • Dedicated account manager and engineers available on demand


    • One-time cost for complete ownership
    • Service cover option available for your peace of mind
    • Flexibility to use product to suit your needs
    • Professional installation service available

    The Culligan Arc water softener

    The perfect solution for those looking to improve the quality of their water at home.

    With its innovative design and efficient water softening technology the Culligan Arc water softener ensures that your household enjoys the benefits of softened water. From smoother skin and shinier hair to extending the life of your appliances and plumbing.

    With user-friendly features and exceptional performance, the Culligan Arc water softener is a reliable choice for improving the water quality for households.

    View the Culligan Arc
    A countertop model of the Selfizz Neo, sitting on a kitchen counter

    The Selfizz Neo bottle-free water cooler

    A premium, user-friendly, and environmentally responsible home drinking water solution.

    The Selfizz Neo home water cooler dispenser is the perfect choice for those seeking a high-end hydration solution.

    Its stylish and compact design make it an ideal fit for modern homes, particularly in kitchens and home offices with limited space.

    With advanced purification technology and eco-friendly features, the Selfizz Neo not only delivers high-quality water but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable environment.

    View the Selfizz Neo