Culligan Arc Water Softener

For everyday softening, our premium water softener for households

  • Twin-tank technology for unlimited soft water
  • Compact design, fits neatly under kitchen sinks
  • Track salt levels and reorder on the Smart app
  • Helps cut your energy costs by up to 30%
  • Free and no obligation quote
  • Buy or rent, your choice
  • Installation & maintenance service available

A continuous flow of soft water around the clock


Advanced softening technology

No more limescale
Our top-quality resin beads are crafted from the highest-grade resin, which effectively capture limescale particles.
Smart Shuttle Technology
Benefit from the latest flow technology, designed to ensure maximum flow rates from your softener.
Unlimited supply
Enjoy a reliable and uninterrupted supply of soft water with our parallel system and twin-cylinder design.
Experience limescale-free water

A water softener extends appliance life, improves skin and hair, and reduces time for cleaning.

Efficient water softening for your home

Space-saving design
Benefiting from a compact design, providing professional-grade performance that fits neatly under most kitchen sinks.
Efficient and eco-friendly, the Culligan Arc is a non-electric smart system that regenerates only when required, ensuring water conservation.
Smart & convenient
WiFi-enabled 'i-Lid' with automatic salt monitoring, user-friendly app dashboard, and quick support and salt ordering.
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Transform your home with soft water


Reduce energy bills

Cut energy costs by up to 30% and extend the life of your appliances while experiencing the gentle touch of soft water on your skin and hair.


Convenient lighter salt

Easier to carry, load, and store – our lightweight curved salt blocks are more convenient than standard block salt and fit seamlessly into your Culligan Arc water softener.


Greener living

By reducing limescale in your home, the Culligan Arc enhances the efficiency of your heating system and appliances, ultimately lowering your carbon footprint and cutting down on utility bills.

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The Culligan Arc,
at a glance

438 mm
487 mm
202 mm
Non electric

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    Installation & Maintenance Service

    A professional service you can trust

    At Culligan, our highly skilled technicians receive rigorous training to ensure the seamless installation of our water systems. We're committed to providing not only a white-glove service but also an efficient and friendly experience for our customers.
    Our water softener maintenance service is designed to keep your water softening system running at its peak performance. Our expert technicians provide thorough cleaning and sanitisation to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your unit.
    Our water softener callout customer service is available to assist you whenever you need us. Whether it's addressing a sudden issue, answering your questions, or scheduling maintenance, our dedicated team is just a call away.