Reverse Osmosis & Filtration Systems

An under-sink home water filtration system guarantees clean, safe drinking water, reduces plastic waste, and provides convenient access to great-tasting water right from your tap.

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Under the Sink Water Filtration Systems

Explore our range of water filtration products, designed to improve the water quality in your home.

So Clear
  • Ultrafiltration technology
  • Removes sediments, chlorine, odour and bacteria
  • Non electric. No storage tank required
AC Slim +
  • Removes impurities, turbidity, and chlorine
  • Space-saving, under-sink design
  • Tested and certified to highest standards

Why choose a Culligan water filtration system?

Culligan incorporates advanced filtration and purification technologies to ensure your water is safe, clean, and great-tasting. Explore the benefits of choosing a Culligan water filtration system for your home.

Enjoy better water

Our water filtration systems remove potentially harmful contaminants, providing you and your family with safer and healthier drinking water for both drinking and cooking.

Not only do Culligan’s filtration systems make water safer, but they also enhance its taste and removes nasty odours.

You can enjoy the taste of pure water without any lingering unpleasant aftertaste, making staying hydrated more enjoyable for your family.

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Convenient & sustainable

Enjoy the convenience of having clean, filtered water at your fingertips, ensuring that every drink and every meal prepared with it is of the highest quality.

By eliminating the need for bottled water, you not only save money but also contribute to environmental sustainability by significantly reducing the plastic waste generated by single-use bottles.

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Quality assurance

Culligan has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality water treatment solutions globally.

8M+ homes globally use our cleaner drinking water. Our products are designed to meet rigorous industry standards and deliver dependable performance.

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Advanced technology

We offer a range of advanced filtration methods, including reverse osmosis and carbon filtration.

Reverse osmosis effectively eliminates even the smallest contaminants, ensuring your water is safe and pure. Carbon filtration systems eliminate chlorine and bacteria, enhancing the taste and quality of your water.

Our commitment to innovation guarantees that you’ll enjoy safe, clean, and great-tasting water at your convenience.

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The Culligan AC Slim RO

A cutting-edge direct flow reverse osmosis system.

Space-saving under-sink system for pure, great-tasting water without countertop clutter.

Consistently high-quality water, free from various contaminants, thanks to its carbon block filter.

Advanced Reverse Osmosis filtration enhances taste, removes impurities, and improves both the quality of water for drinking and cooking.

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How do Culligan water purifiers work?

Experience the efficiency of Culligan’s water purifiers, which utilise high-performance filtration systems powered by either activated carbon or reverse osmosis.

These compact, discreet units fit beneath your kitchen sink or in an adjacent cupboard. They connect directly to your cold-water supply, ensuring that every drop is treated before it reaches your tap.

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Installation & Maintenance

Water filtration system service & maintenance

Trust our skilled technicians with years of experience in installing under-sink water filtration systems. We deliver a friendly and efficient service and can schedule installations to suit your needs.
We carry out meticulous sanitation to ensure flawless, trouble-free operation of your water system. Our proactive maintenance approach ensures consistent performance for your peace of mind.
If you encounter any issues, reach out to our customer service team, and we'll promptly address them by repairing or replacing your filtration system. Our comprehensive service ensures your home's filtration remains in top working condition.
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Ditch single-use plastic

Culligan water filtration systems help ditch single-use plastic by providing a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottled water.

By encouraging the use of reusable bottles and reducing the reliance on single-use plastic, these systems contribute to a reduction in plastic waste and its associated environmental impacts.

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Frequently asked questions

Culligan under-sink water filtration systems use either activated carbon or reverse osmosis membranes to remove impurities and contaminants from your tap water. As water passes through these filters, they trap and reduce common pollutants, providing cleaner, better-tasting water directly from your tap.

These systems can effectively remove a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, sediment, heavy metals (like lead and copper), bacteria, viruses, pesticides, and various chemicals. The specific contaminants removed depend on the type of filter used in your system. Get in touch with our experts to learn more.

Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper placement, leak-free connections, and optimal performance. A professional installer can also help you choose the best location for your system. Culligan engineers have years of experience installing a wide range of water systems for homes. Learn more about our service.

Absolutely. These two systems serve distinct purposes within your home. While under-sink water filtration systems enhance the quality of your drinking water, water softeners effectively combat hard water issues like limescale buildup, water spots on dishes, and dry skin. This dual setup allows you to address all aspects of your water quality, ensuring optimal results for cleaning, bathing, cooking, and drinking water.

If you're searching for ways to have a more eco-conscious home, under-sink water filtration offers an excellent starting point. By providing a virtually endless supply of filtered water at home, this approach reduces the reliance on disposable plastic water bottles. Thanks to Culligan water solutions, it's estimated that 40 billion plastic bottles are saved from ending up in global landfills each year.

Reverse osmosis works best on microbiologically safe water. In an event of a boil water notice, you may continue to drink water from RO if the water is contaminated by cryptosporidium. For any other bacteria such as E.coli, the safest thing to do is use a UV filter.   After a boil water notice, it is recommended to get your water filter sanitized as it prevents the spread of bacteria in the tank.

In short, yes. As RO water is free from harmful chemicals or impurities that may be hazardous to your baby’s health, it is safe to prepare baby’s formula using it.

Reverse osmosis technology removes more than 95% of all the contaminants in water, including essential minerals present in drinking water. It can do so because their molecules are much larger than water molecules.   Our selection of reverse osmosis systems include systems with remineralizing filters which add back those healthy minerals which otherwise would have been lost in the filtration process.

If a reverse osmosis system is serviced and maintained as parts wear out (like the faucet and storage tank), the system can last easily for 10 to 15 years.

Reverse osmosis systems remove dissolved minerals and metals such as aluminium, arsenic, barium, chlorine, chromium, copper, fluoride, magnesium, lead, mercury, nitrate, selenium, silver, sulphate and zinc.   They are also highly effective with microplastics, bad taste, colour and odour producing chemicals, particulates, total dissolved solids, turbidity and radium. When using appropriate active carbon pre-filtering (commonly included with most RO systems), additional treatment can also be provided for such volatile contaminants as benzene, MTBE, trichloroethylene, trihalomethanes (THMs) and radon.

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that removes unwanted contaminants, solid substances, large molecules and other unwanted particles from water by using pressure to push it through a specialized membrane.   Installing a RO system delivers clean and filtered water straight from your kitchen tap. The semi-permeable membrane is designed to remove 99.9% of known contaminants from water. The additional filters remove odour and improve the taste of filtered water.   One of the biggest advantages of a reverse osmosis water filter filtration system is its efficiency. It is the best way to ensure clean and filtered water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

The filtration performance of cartridges decreases over time, which is why you must replace them as specified by the manufacturer. In general, most filter cartridges last 6 months but you may have to replace them sooner than the recommended replacement time depending on the quality of water in your home.  

  • Sediment Filter – Average life of 6 months
  • Carbon Block Filter – Average life of 6 months
  • Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter – Average life of 6 months
  • RO Membrane – Average life of 12 months
  • Taste/ Odour Filter – Average life of 6-12 months
  Replacing all these filters should cost you anywhere between €90-€170 depending on the type of your RO system. Culligan offers annual servicing for your water filter which consists of the replacement of all filters on your unit by one of our experienced technicians. Our office will remind you whenever you are due for servicing.

No, in fact, a water softener can help extend the life of the RO membrane. Calcium and magnesium (limescale) are two of the hardest minerals for the RO membrane to remove, and sodium (added to the water by the softener) is much easier on the membrane as it rejects 98% of all sodium in the water.

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