Bottled Water Cooler Dispensers

Enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness of home water dispensers and a dependable bottled water delivery service.

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Our bottled water cooler dispensers

Buy or rent our versatile home water coolers, available in both freestanding and countertop models. Enjoy chilled, ambient, and hot water all from a single machine.

CB Core Bottled Water Cooler
  • Durable scratch-resistant surface
  • For all standard cooler bottles​

Why choose a bottled water cooler for your home?

A bottled water dispenser is an ideal hassle-free option for ensuring healthy hydration at home.


Enjoy effortless setup and upkeep with our home bottled water dispensers. Simply plug the unit into an outlet, place the water bottle on your machine, and your cooler is good to go!

For cleanliness, easily care for the dispenser by wiping its taps, buttons, and dispensing area with food-safe sanitising spray or wipes. We advise sanitising your water cooler at least every 3 months.

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Bottled water coolers offer a cost-effective solution for home drinking water. By eliminating the need for supermarket single-use plastic bottles, they reduce expenses and plastic waste.

The convenience of readily available chilled water encourages healthy hydration habits for your family, potentially reducing the amount of expensive sugary drinks in your home.

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Healthy hydration

Bottled water coolers are an excellent choice for promoting healthy hydration within the family. With easy access to chilled, clean water, they encourage regular water intake, supporting overall well-being.

Culligan coolers make it convenient for family members to grab a refreshing drink, ensuring everyone stays properly hydrated throughout the day. By having a dependable source of water at home, families can prioritise their health and wellness while reducing the temptation of sugary alternatives.

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Sustainable drinking water

By using large reusable water bottles, bottled water coolers significantly reduce the consumption of single-use plastic bottles, minimising plastic waste and its environmental impact.

On average, our returnable water cooler bottles are re-used up to 50 times and are then recycled.

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Culligan bottled water coolers

Better water for your home.

Enjoy the convenience of a Culligan Bottled Water Cooler, delivering delicious, clean water straight from the bottle to your glass.

Enjoy chilled or hot water effortlessly from our energy-efficient, low-maintenance coolers.

No-fuss setup: Simply plug in the water cooler, and you’re ready to enjoy purified water without the need for plumbing or water connections.

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What water cooler do I choose?

Bottled water cooler

  • Easy to use and set up; just plug into a power supply​
  • Stylish machines look great in any kitchen​
  • High-quality pure bottled water​
  • Reliable bottled water delivery service​ ​

Mains-fed water cooler

  • Plumbed directly into your mains water supply​
  • Constant water supply - no need for bottles​
  • Installation and maintenance included​
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Installation & Maintenance Service

Here to help with everything you need

Our hassle-free installation service brings the convenience of bottled water coolers directly to your home. Our trained engineers will set up the cooler quickly and efficiently, ensuring it's ready to provide you and your family with refreshing water whenever you need it.
Our maintenance service for bottled water coolers ensures that your home's hydration remains worry-free. Our team of experts will regularly inspect and service your cooler, including sanitisation and cleaning.
In the unlikely event you have any issues; just call us and we’ll either fix or replace your machine. We provide a fully managed customer support service for your peace-of-mind.
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Helping to reduce single-use plastic waste

Choosing Culligan as your bottled water provider actively contributes to the reduction of single-use plastic waste.

Our reusable water cooler bottles are typically used up to 50 times before being recycled.

Contact us about bottled water delivery
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The CB Core Bottled Water Cooler

A reliable, cost-effective and eco-friendly water dispenser

Both functional and stylish, the CB Core cooler ensures reliable performance and looks great in any modern home.

Its robust build and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for households seeking a reliable, budget-friendly hydration solution.

Experience convenient, hassle-free water with the CB Core in your home.

View the CB Core

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, installing bottled water coolers at home is usually simple – just plug into a power outlet. Designed with user-friendly features and simple setup instructions, they can be effortlessly installed in different settings, even without advanced technical knowledge. Culligan offers installation services for our water cooler rental options, and we're here to assist if you decide to purchase your own machine.

Choosing between a bottled water cooler and a mains-fed water cooler for your home depends on your specific preferences and needs:​   Bottled Water Cooler:​

  • Suitable if you want flexibility and portability.
  • Ideal if you have limited access to a water supply or plumbing.
  • Requires bottle replacements and storage space for bottles.
Mains-Fed Water Cooler:​
  • Convenient for homes with consistent access to a water supply.
  • Eliminates the need for bottle storage and replacements.
  • Requires professional installation to connect to your water supply.

The frequency of replacing bottles on your bottled water cooler depends on factors such as your water consumption rate, the size of the bottles, and the number of people using the cooler in your home. Typical households of 4 people might need to replace bottles every 1 to 2 weeks.​ ​ With Culligan water delivery our rental plans factor in your usage and automatically schedule deliveries based on your needs.​

Yes, our range of bottled water coolers includes models equipped with a hot water dispensing feature. This is useful for making hot drinks like tea and coffee. The hot water function is controlled by a separate button or tap and comes with a child-lock safety mechanism to prevent accidental burns.

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