Mains-fed water dispensers for homes

Get an endless supply of refreshing filtered water without the hassle and expense of supermarket bottled water. Experience convenience, cost savings, and eco-friendliness as you keep your home and family hydrated.

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Our range of mains-fed water cooler dispensers for homes

Our plumbed water coolers for the home are perfect for those who are looking for a simple, yet effective way to hydrate their family.

C100 Mains-Fed Countertop Water Cooler
  • User-friendly and sustainable purified water
  • Continuous antimicrobial protection
  • High performance carbon filtration
C2 Firewall Countertop
  • Hot/cold or cold/ambient options for small to medium workplaces
  • Sleek, durable countertop design
  • Guarantees purified, great-tasting water

Why choose a mains-fed water dispenser?

Explore the benefits of selecting a Culligan free-standing or countertop mains-fed cooler.

Better water for you and your family

Enjoy high-quality drinking water with a Culligan mains-fed water cooler, delivering superior hydration for your home. We use the highest-quality filtration and purification technology to deliver the cleanest, safest, and tastiest water you can drink.

By directly connecting to your water supply, these coolers ensure a consistent flow of filtered, refreshing water. This convenience proves especially valuable in homes, where encouraging frequent water consumption is crucial to maintaining health and well-being.​

Sustainability 2

Cost savings

Save money over time by avoiding the recurring expenses of purchasing bottled water. While the initial installation cost of a mains-fed cooler may be higher than purchasing bottled water, the ongoing savings in not buying bottled water make it a cost-effective choice over the long term.

Finances 3

Lower environmental impact

By reducing reliance on single-use plastic bottles, you can contribute to a reduction in plastic waste, which can have long-term environmental and cost benefits. ​

Choosing alternatives to single-use plastic bottles can lead to substantial cost savings over time. The expenses associated with purchasing bottled water – often including the water itself, packaging, transportation, and retail markup – can accumulate significantly. ​

By moving to more sustainable options, you not only contribute to a healthier planet but also potentially experience long-term economic benefits.

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Premium design and functionality

Discover the ultimate in design and functionality with our range of mains-fed water coolers. Built using high-quality, sustainable materials, our coolers don’t just look good – they are good for the environment too. ​

Featuring Culligan’s advanced, patented purification technology, you’re not only getting a stylish addition to your home, but also a clean, crisp, and eco-friendly way to hydrate.

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Customise your home hydration experience​

Select the perfect choice, from a countertop, or free-standing cooler, still or sparkling water, we have everything you need.​

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Countertop water cooler dispensers

Compact yet Powerful. Choose a Culligan countertop water cooler to save space without sacrificing quality.

Whether renting or buying a countertop water dispenser, speak to our experts to find your ideal machine. Our innovative designs suit kitchens, lounges, and home offices.

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Still and sparkling water

Reward family and friends with a refreshing array of drinking water options. Whether still, sparkling, hot, or cold, find all-in-one solutions with our range of freestanding or tabletop carbonated water coolers.

Get in touch to see what dispenser suits your needs best.

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Unrivalled purification

Introducing Culligan’s Firewall® patented UVC technology. Purifying water from source to nozzle, neutralising waterborne microbes, and blocking harmful pathogens.

The most effective and efficient solution to keep the drinking water dispensed in your home safe.

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Installation & Maintenance Service

A professional service you can trust.

Our specialist hydration engineers ensure hassle-free installation of your water cooler, tailored to your availability. No job is too big or too small.
We take care of your water equipment, providing regular maintenance with filter replacements, sanitisation, and part replacements. This ensures smooth operation of your machine and continued premium water quality.
In case of any issues, our responsive call-out team will quickly fix or replace your machine. We offer a fully managed customer support service to keep you up and running.
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Ditch single-use plastic

At Culligan we are committed to a plastic-free, energy-efficient future.

With Culligan products 40 billion fewer single-use plastic bottles are used worldwide. Each of our bottle-free systems installed helps save 1,440 bottles.

Choose Culligan mains-fed water cooler for eco-friendly support in your home.

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Frequently asked questions

Mains-fed water coolers are connected directly to your building’s water supply. They use a filtration system to purify and chill the tap water, providing a continuous supply of clean and filtered drinking water.

Yes, mains-fed water coolers require a water supply connection. They are typically installed by professionals who connect them to your existing plumbing system. Culligan provides an expert installation service for our range of mains-fed coolers, which is included in our rental service, and available if you choose to purchase your machine.

Mains-fed water coolers are suitable for locations with a direct water supply connection. Culligan provides mains-fed coolers for a wide range of environments and sectors that require a steady supply of safe, pure drinking water. We commonly install these machines in offices, schools, gyms, and other commercial and public spaces.

Yes, our mains-fed water coolers include advanced filtration systems that remove impurities and improve water quality.

Yes, many of our mains-fed coolers have a hot water dispensing feature for making hot beverages on demand.

Yes, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure proper functioning and water quality. Filters will need replacement, and the cooler will need regular cleaning. Culligan will provide service and sanitisation of your water cooler as part of our maintenance service, which is included in our mains-fed water cooler rental packages.

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