Why Should We Filter Our Tap Water?

September 15, 2023

We all know that water is vital to our health. Here in Ireland, it is generally safe to drink water directly from the tap. However, in doing so you do run the slight risk of unwanted chemicals and contamination.

Is tap water safe to drink in Ireland?

So what contaminants might be in the tap water you drink? The main concerns in Ireland are:

  • by-products of chlorine
  • nitrates
  • pesticides
  • bacteria
  • microplastics.

There are stringent regulations in place in order to prevent issues of contaminated water. Despite these precautions, Ireland has received several warnings from the EU about the tap water quality over the last few years.

However, if you are concerned about drinking your tap water knowing this, you can improve the water with the right filtration system in place.

How to ensure your tap water is safe

Water sources can get contaminated from commercial runoff, farming activities and weather conditions. There is a strict treatment process that meets EU legislation.

Despite the treatment, to reach you it has travelled through miles of pipeline, potentially picking up contaminants along the way.

Add to the mix an ever-growing list of new microplastics and chemicals in tap water that come online just about every day and well, it would seem a water filtration system is even more necessary than ever.

The help of water filter systems

So, how do we filter out tap water chemicals? The best way to go is a water filtration system.

These water systems will reduce any health risks of drinking tap water, and work directly from your kitchen tap. The simplest & most effective options are Under-the-counter filters, bottled water coolers, or filtered mains-fed water dispensers.

These water purifiers and filtration systems use techniques like reverse osmosis, providing high-quality purified water that is free from harmful substances like heavy metals, microplastics, and pesticides. The water is also free from unpleasant odours and chlorine.

Under-the-counter units

These are great because they’re tucked away out of sight and receive very high marks for filtration.

Countertop Units

Countertop systems require minimal installation and take up only a few inches of counter space.

Free-standing Water Coolers

These are the most popular version of filtration systems – They work well and fit easily into most canteens or kitchens and can usually be installed with ease and are a must for any work environment as they offer an easily accessible clean water point for employees.

Bottled Water Coolers

We would always recommend mains-fed water coolers, However, if it’s not possible to facilitate, we can always provide the highest-graded bottled water available for drinking in Ireland. Our Water is Natural Mineral Water and the highest-graded water which can be obtained.

Water filtration is simply a no-brainer. These units will support you, your families, and your colleagues’ health by preventing poor water from entering your body.

Take a look at our available products.