C8 Firewall®

High-performance bottle-free dispenser.

Created to meet the need for utmost cleanliness and safety, this hands-free water dispensing system offers a selection of up to five water options. These choices encompass generous amounts of exceptionally purified, chilled, and effervescent water.

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Versatile water options

The C8 Firewall® presents a range of five distinct water options: Ambient, Chilled, Hot, Sparkling, and Extra Hot.

Tailored to fulfil diverse water requirements, this solution proves especially effective in catering to a bustling professional environment; perfect for settings like healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and expansive office spaces.

Enhanced hygiene

Aside from the 5″ LED colour display user interface showcasing status updates and water dispensing choices, the incorporated infrared control guarantees heightened safety and hygiene measures. Touch-dial and contact-free infrared dispensing operations allow for greater hygiene and easy operations.

This water dispenser also comes with our patented and certified Firewall® UVC purification system, which thoroughly purifies the water to guaranteed it is free from up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses.

BioCote® safeguarding technology

BioCote® protection ensures a hygienically clean serving area. The incorporation of silver ions into the surface inhibits microbial growth and keeps the dispensing area free from bacteria.

Cutting-edge filtration technology

Through advanced filtration, our premium water filters enhance water quality by improving taste and smell, while effectively removing particles and chemicals like chlorine. Vital minerals and trace elements are retained, guaranteeing pure, refreshing, and delicious water.

Sustainable hydration

A remarkable reduction of about 23.8 billion single-use plastic bottles in the year 2019 highlights not only a substantial environmental impact but also a significant stride towards sustainability, showcasing the potential for collective efforts to combat plastic waste and promote a greener future.


Water options
Cold, Ambient, Sparkling, Hot & Extra Hot
Freestanding: 41.4kg,
Counter-top: 37.5kg
Water temperature
Cold: 5°C, Hot: 87°C, Extra Hot: 93°C
Dispensing capacity (per hour)
Hot: 1.5L, Cold: 17L
Dispense height
280 mm
Power supply
220-240 V/50 Hz
Drip tray capacity
1000ml (overflow alarm at 800ml)
Refrigerant gas
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Freestanding: 385 x 513.8 x 1312.7mm,
Counter-top: 385 x 513.8 x 491.3mm

Mains-fed water cooler service & maintenance

Within our rental packages, we encompass both the installation and continual maintenance of your water dispenser. Our roster of proficient engineers is extensively trained in our product line, and our service extends across the entirety of Ireland.

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Expert installation

Our adept team of skilled technicians holds the proficiency to seamlessly set up any of our water systems. Committed to delivering both amiable and effective service, they are more than willing to coordinate installations according to your convenience.

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Through our hydration services, we execute thorough sanitisation measures to ensure the seamless and uncompromised functioning of your product. Employing a proactive maintenance strategy, we assure trouble-free operation, granting you absolute tranquility and confidence in your investment.

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Expert support

Should you come across any challenges, please contact our customer service team, and we will swiftly rectify the issue or provide a replacement for your machine. With our comprehensive managed service, your home or business can continue to enjoy optimal hydration; affording you a sense of absolute assurance.

Key features at a glance

  • Cutting-edge bottle-less water dispenser with exceptional performance
  • Available in Ambient, Chilled, Hot, Sparkling, and Extra Hot
  • Both countertop and freestanding models are available
  • The Firewall® UVC purification technology effectively cleanses the water, leaving it pure and safe
  • The energy-conserving standby mode minimises power usage during periods of inactivity
  • Cutting-edge carbon filtration system effectively eliminates undesired particles, odours, and contaminants

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