Water dispensers for healthcare

Culligan’s hygiene-first approach is supported by patented technology, ensuring virtually bacteria and virus-free water from our Firewall® dispensers, including protection against Legionella and COVID-19. Combined with BioCote® antimicrobial surface protection, contactless solutions and Culligan service, you can have total peace of mind in your clinic or hospital.

†BioCote® has not been tested or proven effective against SARS-CoV-2.

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Hygienic hydration solutions
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Hospital hydration stations

Providing hospitals with access to clean and unpolluted water is of utmost importance for the healthcare sector. It makes us proud to contribute to this cause by offering a range of specialised hydration solutions suitable for any health and hospital environment that boast exceptional hygiene and ease of use.

Anti-bacterial & touch-free solutions

Our main focus in providing drinking water solutions is safety, offering touch-free operation, UV technology that eradicates bacteria, and dispensers crafted with antimicrobial materials, rendering them ideal for maintaining hygienic water.

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Robust & reliable hydration stations

Our goal is to provide reliable hydration solutions with high capacity, tailored to meet the demanding needs of the healthcare industry. Our selection of long-lasting, versatile water coolers and fountains is built to endure frequent usage.

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Expert installation & aftercare

Our team offers installation and maintenance services for your healthcare water coolers, bottle fillers, and drinking fountains. Our installers have completed practical courses and are fully certified, ensuring quality workmanship. Ongoing maintenance is also available as needed.

Our range of water coolers for hospital and healthcare facilities

Dispensers to suit your budget, workspace, hydration and hygiene needs. From chilled to sparkling and freestanding to countertop, we’ve got you covered.

C8 Firewall® Mains-fed Water Cooler
Green tick icon Offers up to five types of water
Green tick icon Freestanding and Countertop options
Green tick icon High-capacity water dispenser
WL2 Firewall Mains-fed Water Cooler thumbnail image
C2 Firewall® Mains-fed Water Cooler
Green tick icon Serves up to 30 users
Green tick icon Biocote antimicrobial protection
Green tick icon Freestanding & countertop models
WL7 Firewall free standing and counter top product thumbnail image
C7 Firewall® Mains-fed Water Cooler
Green tick icon Serves up to 50 users
Green tick icon Freestanding & countertop models
Green tick icon Hands-free operation available
Firewall Bar Classe product thumbnail image
Firewall® Bar Classe Mains-fed Water Cooler
Green tick icon Serves up to 50 users
Green tick icon 99.999% COVID-secure
Green tick icon Ergonomic design
Automatic wall-mounted bottle filling unit thumbnail image
Bottle Filling Station Compact Automatic
Green tick icon Dispenses 180 litres per hour
Green tick icon Automatic touch-free dispense
Green tick icon ADA compliant
UV Max bottle filling unit thumbnail image
UV Max Water Bottle Filling Station
Green tick icon Dispenses 80 litres per hour
Green tick icon UV sterilisation reducing 99.99% of bacteria
Green tick icon Bespoke branding available
Wall-mounted bottle filling unit thumbnail image
Wall Mounted Water Bottle Filling Station
Green tick icon Ambient water only
Green tick icon Ideal for smaller spaces
Green tick icon LCD 'bottle-saver' counter
Bottle Filling Station Combination Chilled product thumbnail image
Bottle Filling Station Combination Chilled
Green tick icon Dispenses 30 litres per hour
Green tick icon Automatic touchless dispense
Green tick icon Digital bottle counter display
Culligan Product
Zip HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave
Green tick icon 100% touch-free operation for added hygiene
Green tick icon Boiling, sparkling & chilled water options
Green tick icon Perfect for quick serve

Flexible rent or buy options available


  • Free and simple installation without disrupting your day
  • Regular maintenance to keep your products performing at its best
  • Low monthly costs and flexible contracts
  • Account manager and engineers there when you need them


  • One time cost and you own outright
  • Enjoy complete flexibility with what you do with the product
  • Service cover available so you can enjoy all the benefits of renting
  • Free and simple installation without disrupting your day

Why choose Culligan water dispensers for your hospitals and healthcare environments?

Provide your patients with the purest, safest and best tasting water.

Purified water

Purified water is essential for maintaining good health, and at Culligan, we take it seriously.

That’s why we use our patented Firewall® UVC technology to purify water up to 99.9999% of contaminants, ensuring that you get the cleanest and safest water possible. Our technology has been scientifically proven to be effective against COVID-19, so you can be confident that you’re drinking water that’s been thoroughly purified.

With Culligan, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your water is free from harmful contaminants and viruses.

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Safety first

At Culligan, safety is our top priority, and we believe that access to clean, pure water is essential to maintaining a healthy environment.

That’s why we offer unrivalled water purity and hygiene solutions for hospitals and healthcare providers across Ireland, ensuring that you and your patients have access to the highest quality water when you need it most. Our hands-free solutions provide touch-free access to clean, great-tasting water, so you can be sure that your patients are staying safely hydrated without worrying about the spread of germs.

With Culligan, you can trust our state-of-the-art technology and commitment to safety to deliver the best water solutions for your healthcare setting. We understand that maintaining a safe and healthy environment is crucial, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Never run out of water

At Culligan, we understand the importance of providing a reliable and uninterrupted supply of water for your patients. That’s why we offer high-capacity machines that can handle even the busiest healthcare settings, so you never have to worry about running out of water or limiting usage.

Our machines are designed to provide a constant and abundant supply of water, ensuring that your patients always have access to the hydration they need to stay healthy and comfortable. With Culligan, you can trust our water solutions to be dependable and efficient, allowing you to focus on what matters most: providing exceptional care for your patients.

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A wide range of products

At Culligan, we believe in providing a wide range of options to ensure that your patients can access the water they prefer. That’s why we offer a vast selection of water dispensers, including freestanding, countertop, and integrated models, with a variety of water temperature and type options.

Our high-quality machines can provide cold, hot, extra hot, ambient, and sparkling water, so your patients can enjoy their preferred type of hydration at any time. With our range of products, you can trust that Culligan has the perfect solution to meet the unique needs of your healthcare setting, ensuring that your patients remain satisfied and hydrated.

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