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Why choose Culligan?

As with any specialist product, it’s important to have peace of mind that your equipment has been installed and maintained correctly.

Whether you’re looking to install a water cooler dispenser, water softener system, multi-functional tap, or a public drinking fountain, we have the experts to support you.

Our experience covers all sectors and any requirements. From home installations, to large sports stadiums – we have the know-how to ensure your equipment is set up and maintained correctly.

Rest assured that our team of qualified hydration specialists will ensure your system operates at optimal performance, delivering better water for you when you need it.

What we do

Specialist services delivered by experts

Culligan’s tailored service packages are available for a range of products.

Water cooler service & maintenance

If you rent your water cooler with us, we provide a fully-managed service.

This includes installation, ongoing maintenance, and callouts for any issues. To ensure your machine is hygienic and safe for use, we provide a regular sanitisation service.

We can help you pick the right location for your machine, ensuring it is located close to a mains water source, or providing additional pipework if required. And we will perform regular maintenance for your cooler, replacing filters and cleaning your cooler.

Total care for multi-function taps

We offer service and maintenance plans that cover everything you need for your multi-function instant tap. This includes regular servicing, filter replacement, system and safety checks, and callouts.

We also install instant water taps nationwide across Ireland.

After conducting a site survey, one of our specialist engineers will advise you on the best location for your control unit and tap.

Drinking fountains installation & maintenance

Our trained engineers are specialist installers of both indoor and outdoor drinking fountains and bottle-filling stations. We will complete a site survey and install your fountain at an agreed location, considering access to a potable mains water supply and waste drainage.

And to ensure the prolonged life of your machine, we will replace your filter every 6 months. This helps to filter out harmful contaminants from both your consumers and the machine itself.

Certifications and Accreditations

We are proud to hold the following certifications and accreditations.

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, choose the product that meets your needs.

Why businesses rent water coolers from Culligan

  • Fixed monthly costs - Rent a water dispenser from us and enjoy the advantages of our fixed monthly rates and low charges. No pay-per-usage fees, hidden costs or inflated invoices, water cooler rental allows you to accurately budget for your water costs, avoiding any high short-term expenditure.
  • Service & maintenance - All water dispenser rentals from Culligan come with service and maintenance included in your rental price.
  • Contract term - Optional terms available plus the option to also upgrade your model when you renew your contract.
  • Innovative technology - Culligan are continuously pushing the boundaries of water filtration innovation. Only our patented Firewall technology provides 99.9999% filtration against bacteria and viruses that may be contaminating your water.

Why businesses buy Culligan water coolers

  • Long-term investment - Buying a Water dispenser not only provides you with an immediate water solution, it also guarantees a continuous supply of pure great tasting water for the future.
  • Service & maintenance - Additional option to add this to your purchase and extend the life of your dispenser beyond its warranty period.
  • No hidden strings - If your business is looking for a more permanent alternative to renting, Culligan offer you the chance to buy a water dispenser directly.
  • No monthly costs - Buying a water dispenser allows you to budget for a one-time payment. The initial purchase price is quickly outweighed by your monthly savings, all while providing your workplace with the best drinking water.
  • Sustainable option - Mains-fed water dispensers are a more sustainable option that is friendlier to the environment.

Book a service or maintenance visit, or get in touch with our experts

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