Top 10 questions to ask when choosing your water cooler supplier

September 29, 2019

Opting for a water dispenser in your office, factory, unit, school, college and so on is a big step. It is a sign of your ongoing commitment to staff health and well-being, but also a financial commitment to providing them with clean, tasty drinking water. There are many water dispensers to choose from, including water boilers offering continuous streams of boiling water. All that aside, you want to know if the company you are contacting to deliver the service can do exactly what they say they can…

1. Why are water dispensers favourable to tap water?

Water is beneficial to us all and even though the water from the tap is clean, it contains chemicals that some people are not happy to consume. It can also taste metallic or even slightly chlorinated.

It is also not chilled. There is possibly nothing worse than lukewarm or room temperature water for putting people off the taste.

A water dispenser, both plumbed in and mains fed, cools the water and also filters it making it taste much cleaner. Likewise, dispensers are also hygienic and thus many people are more willing to drink water from one than to go to the tap.

There is also something more accessible about a water dispenser too, especially when placed at an optimum point in the room or building.

2. Which is better – bottle fed or plumbed in water dispensers?

There are pros and cons to both. The choice is essentially a personal one, based on what it is you feel you want the water dispensers to do.

Apparently, the plumbed in version is fixed – great for schools, colleges and other places where there are any people who could potentially use it. Bottle fed water dispensers will frequently need changing if there are many people using it on a daily basis.

If you do not want plumbed in dispensers, you can still have bottle fed ones, but will need more of them. A reputable water dispenser company will help you decide which system holds the most advantages and benefits for you

3. What about hygiene and health implications?

There are bacteria that will breed and contaminate water quickly when cleanliness of the equipment is not maintained to a high standard. The water dispenser company with who you have a contract should, as part of this agreement, ensure that water containers are clean and fit for use. They may also have a rolling programme of maintenance, as well as replacing machines and equipment after a certain amount of time.

4. What about the environment e.g. where does the water come from and can cup be recycled?

Some water dispenser contracts include the provision of paper cups. Angel Springs provides recycling bags and receptacles so that we can recycle used cups into new ones.

We also sanitise and reuse empty plastic bottles from our bottle fed dispensers and we also use local, sustainable water sources for water. This not only safeguards the environment directly with responsible water consumption but also keeps the transport to a minimum.

5. Are water dispensers expensive?

There are many packages on offer, including fixed monthly payments which means the cost is spread evenly through the year. We also have deals especially for start-up and small businesses, as well as excellent packages for companies that could have an enormous consumption of water.

6. What if the dispensers are not popular or used?

We always suggest highlighting the provision of water dispensers to staff but, look for a no obligation trial period too.

This means that any business unsure about whether water dispensers are right for them can trial them with their staff team – and at no cost to the company!

7. How often are the dispensers changed and serviced?

This will depend on the contract, but it is important to note that any company offering water dispenser is clear about when they will be onsite to deal with replenishing stock.

The provision of water in this way to your staff should be done in a way that is seamless and with no fuss – in other words, no dispenser should ever be empty or run out of the water! Reliability is a crucial factor in this process.

8. How can we pay?

Check out the ways that you can pay; clearly the more options for payment, the better. Many companies are now making payments online, a simple, quick and easy way of staying on top of bills.

9. How soon will we notice the benefits?

Immediately. You will find that your office takes on an air of productivity that you may not have seen previously, and this could be down to your staff being hydrated. The water cooler is also a great place for your staff to socialise and share what they are doing – what is there not to like?

10. Why choose Culligan?

We are the leading established water cooler company in the country. We are also one of the fastest growing companies, with several hundred new customers every month.

We are reliable and trusted by companies, larger and small, across the country for delivering high-quality, seamless service. Why not call to arrange your seven-day trial today?