Working happier equals working smarter

March 16, 2018

In Ireland, we work an average of 22.2 hours a week. With a commitment to providing consistent results, it is vital we also experience happiness during our time at work. According to a recent survey, one in four employees feel unhappy at work. Happiness not only boosts our focus, productivity and creativity, it helps us achieve aspirations that cement job satisfaction and ensure a sense of well-being to transcend our professional existence.

Recent expectations have shifted as employees seek emotional connections with colleagues. Sharing common values with those around you can help foster a sense of belonging and working towards a common goal, which further stimulates employee engagement. The result? Enterprises with happier employees who work more efficiently, lead to top performance and economic growth. Moreover, we foster positive attitudes that avoid the common pitfalls of an unhappy office: negativity; low productivity; or widespread criticism of colleagues and management. Encourage a collaborative mindset in which energized employees display less concern for slipping up. Not only do they demonstrate a higher level of confidence when undertaking complex tasks but they also make fewer mistakes in the process.

The four steps to happiness

1. Start each day on a positive note

We can influence our mood in how we approach each day, leveraging an intentional routine to lay the foundations for an upbeat attitude.

2. Be a constant learner

Learning has an impact on our social and professional well being and with a wealth of resources at our fingertips, it has never been easier to upskill.

3. Invest in personal relationships

Identifying a network of peers is a pivotal step towards happiness. We are social beings and the workplace has evolved into a support structure, as much as a professional sphere.

4. Practice gratitude

We can have a profound impact on the way our brains function, enhancing our level of connectedness to those around us. Do this by citing three things you are grateful for each morning.

Discovering happiness

We no longer need to separate our well-being from our state of mind at work. It is vital that leaders understand that a happy workplace leads to improved outcomes. Let’s consider happiness as much as an attitude as an emotion, seeking to introduce wholesome elements into our daily routines that will allow us to discover a more positive outlook.

Commit to making yourself happier. There is nothing but reward—for both you and those now smiling around you.