How does an instant hot water boiler work?

March 14, 2022

Instant hot water boilers are incredibly effective and are a must-have for any office or workplace. In a busy environment where no one has the time to wait for a kettle, an instant hot-water dispenser can be a valuable time-saver as well as a much safer option. With a water boiler, you can have great, fresh-tasting water at the perfect temperature for all your favourite hot drinks.

What types of hot water boilers are available?

As a breakaway from the traditional kettle to give instant hot water for refreshment purposes; many diverse types of hot water boilers have been created. With some machines, you can find the option for hot and cold water on the same device with two convenient buttons to choose your required temperature. Other hot water boiler options mean that you can find purified and filtered hot water available, which gives a clean and exceptionally fresh-tasting glass of hot water with every pour.

How does an instant hot water boiler work?

Hot water boilers are mains-fed, meaning the water comes directly from the plumbing system. This helps to ensure the water is fresh and is not stagnant from being kept in a tank system. As the hot water function is pressed on the hot water boiler machine, water is pulled from the mains system into the water boiler machine. As the water is cool from the mains system, it is required to be heated within the dispenser. As water enters the machine from the mains, it is fed through a series of pipes.

Firstly, the water is purified through advanced carbon filters. Carbon filters are incredibly effective at filtering water to give a clean, crisp taste without any odour. Carbon filters remove impurities such as chlorine, volatile organic compounds and sediment as well as any unpleasant tastes and odours. Once the water passes through the two-stage carbon filter system, the water is then transferred to the heating element. The heating element is like the heating filament used in a kettle, but as water is pulled through rapidly, it takes just moments to heat. The filament ensures that water is heated to above 90 degrees centigrade, providing a perfectly hot cup of water for your favourite drink. By being heated to above 90 degrees centigrade, it ensures that any waterborne bacteria are killed and it is perfectly safe to drink and use. With the active carbon filters and the hot water filament, the perfectly clean, safe and fresh-tasting water is siphoned through a pipe to the outlet, ready to make your favourite hot drink.

What does A water boiler need in order to function?

If you think that a hot water boiler would be a fantastic addition to your office, workplace or home, then, fortunately, it is very simple to install. In order to install a Culligan hot water boiler, usually all you need is access to a 13A (240 AC) switched socket that will be within one metre of your machine. As well as power, your instant hot water boiler needs access to water from a rising main. As with the power, ideally, your hot water dispenser machine will be located no further than one metre away from the pipework to a rising main. You will also need the appropriate space for the boiler. There are many dispenser options available in all shapes and sizes so you can be sure to find the perfect size of machine to meet your needs. For inspiration, you can find a range of instant water boilers here.

What are the benefits of instant water boilers?

Instant water boilers offer many benefits and are a great addition to your kitchen, customer lounge or office. Just some of the benefits include;

Energy Efficiency – Kettles are known for requiring a lot of power because it is used in short bursts regularly. Instead, a hot water boiler dispenser unit will use a low level of energy over a long period of time, which means it is much more efficient. As the tank in the system never gets cold, it means there is less energy needed to heat water in between uses.

Versatility – unlike a kettle where you need a certain area that is safe to store and use the kettle, an instant hot water dispenser can be a small countertop unit or a floor standing unit, if you have no counter space available.

Capacity – Where a kettle only has a limited capacity, which can be difficult to use when demand is high and time is limited, you can find a range of instant water boilers that offer a variety of capacity options. With a capacity choice, you can choose what machine is best for the demand your machine will have.