Styles and functions of water taps

February 22, 2019

From work spaces and offices to the hospitality sector, filtered and great tasting water is a must. There are various affordable options for supplying your staff and/or customers with hot, ambient, chilled or even carbonated water at the touch of a button. Water boilers promise a stream of hot water for hot drinks, while water coolers offer filtered water on tap. They all have their place, and when they are introduced, they are popular and well-used. But there are times when a water boiler or a water chiller – table top or freestanding, plumbed in or bottle-fed – just don’t quite cut it. It could be a lack of space, or the look, appeal and style of water coolers and boilers are not quite in keeping with the location. Water taps are an ideal solution. Rather than being a mere ‘alternative’, water taps are the real deal when it comes to oozing style and sophistication, without compromising on space nor function.

Water taps – The beneath-the-counter unit

Rather than having the working unit on show, with water taps, the dispensing unit is neatly hidden way in a cupboard or space beneath the counter top. There is no need for your staff nor customers to know it is there because the important part is on the counter top – the water tap.

No compromise

As with water boilers and water coolers, tabletop and free-standing towers, there is a range of choice when it comes to the temperature of the water being dispensed.

And water taps themselves are available in an increasing range of appearance and style. Minimal, yet stylish, water taps are easy to use and suit a range of customers. From customers dispensing water in the hotel dining room to students dispensing chilled water in the college canteen, they are ideal in so many ways.

Our water taps are ideal for any situation, offering a continual supply of great tasting water. In most cases, they easily fit within your plumbing system, and with only an electrical point being fitted in the cupboard or under the sink, installation takes no time, leaving you with a fully functioning water tap.